5 Hacklete - Great Bernera

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Tides stornoway

Weather and Tides.

Weather. Although the islands sit in the North Atlantic Ocean, they benefit from the Gulf Stream flowing up the West coast of Scotland.

When hill walking or climbing it is a good idea to check the forecast before departing.

For marine activities if doubtful weather is forecast always check with your service provider if you have booked a boat trip before setting off for the departure point.

Tides. The tidal range at Stornoway is in the region of 5 metres. Because the islands have some very large beaches the tide can be deceptive and come in very quickly. When going to beaches always check the tide times before setting off to make the most of the wonderful coastline. Click on either of the links below for location specific tidal data.

Tides Bernera

Dalbeg Beach - Isle of Lewis